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Anciente Sumeria



Abzu – (also Apsu) the fresh water in rivers and beneath the ground.
Anu – (An in Sumerian) the chief god in heaven, father of the gods on the
Anunnaki – (sometimes Anunna) the gods who lived on the Earth.
Atra-hasis – (also Atrahasis, Utnapishtim, Ziusudra) the wise man of
Shuruppak who saved mankind in the Flood.
Ekur – (literally “mountain house”) Enlil’s citadel in Nippur, located on the
upper Euphrates River.
Enki – (Ea in Akkadian) Enlil’s brother; God of the Abzu, the wisest and
craftiest of the major gods on earth.
Enlil – (Ellil in Akkadian) Enki’s brother; God of the Air, the most power-
ful of the major gods on earth.
Geshtu-e – an unknown god, possibly a Sumerian play on words.
Igigi – the lesser gods in heaven without individual names.
Ishtar – (Inanna in Sumerian) Goddess of Love and War, represented by
Venus, the evening / morning star.
Mami – (Ninhursag, Ninmah and Nintu in Sumerian) The Earth Goddess;
Mother Nature.
Namtar – (also Namtara) Herald of Death; son of Ereshkigal, Queen of the
Netherworld – a dark, dismal place underground where the dead spend
Ninurta – (also Adad) Enlil’s son, a young storm god who rode the clouds.
Nippur – an ancient Sumerian city on the upper Euphrates River; a holy
city much like today’s Mecca.
Nusku – Enlil’s vizier and doorkeeper of the Ekur.
Shuruppak – an ancient city on the Euphrates River, midway between Nip-
pur and Ur.

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